IPMG offer a comprehensive Employee Benefits Consulting Service ensuring that the custodians of the fund be they management and or directors of the company do not inadvertently subject themselves to unnecessary business or personal risk.

Through our unique partnering model, there is no scheme that is too big or too small as each client’s needs are taken care through appropriate solutions.

The IPMG risk management team in partnership with a leading pension fund lawyers and actuaries are able to offer an end to end consulting service ensuring that the fund governance is beyond approach and that the members are receiving optimal benefits and appropriate costing on the fund/s.

Our unique Pension fund Audit Service – has proven invaluable to business uncovering unnecessary risks that had not been considered.


The solutions provided are:

  • Pension / Provident fund Review / Audit
  • Member satisfaction surveys
  • Setting up of member / joint forums and committees – training and enabling
  • Annual costing and shopping the market and re-broke where appropriate
  • Member Education and Road shows
  • Actuarial services (as required)