IPMG Fiduciary services delivers expert estate planning, professionally drafted trusts, wills and the administration of deceased estates.

Through our unique partnering model, there is client too big or too small as each client’s needs are taken care through appropriate solutions.

The IPMG Fiduciary services are well capacitated through our panel of expert estate planners, trust practitioners, wills drafters and deceased estate administration services offering an end to end consulting and advice services.
Our Goal at IPMG Fiduciary is to ensure that all estate and financial plans and associated legal agreements are professionally drafted, secured in safe custody and reviewed on an annual basis ensuring that client’s assets are properly protected and in line with their wishes.

Our unique Audit Service of Trusts wills and associated agreement has proven invaluable to individuals and business alike, uncovering unnecessary risks from incorrectly drafted agreements including incorrectly drafted financial and estate plans.


The solutions provided are:

  • Audit Services – Trusts – Wills – associated agreements
  • Estate planning – small – medium and larger more complex estates.
  • Trusts – Inter vivos (Trusts that will continue after your death)
  • Wills – (trust mortis causa – your traditional will)
  • The administration of deceased estates (the winding up of deceased estates)