IPMG IT and Business Solutions consists of a group of independent business consultants, analysts and ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) consultants. Our focus, as independent consultants, is to provide our clients with best of breed advice in the implementation of systems and healthy information systems. This includes the implementation of business solutions, carefully selected and configured to meet your unique business requirements.

IPMG IT and Business Solutions Consultants has the ability to manage strategic business relationships, be that with clients, service providers, or other stakeholders. Our background in organizational risk management allows our consultants to identify and manage risks and coordinate activities to mitigate them accordingly. Our consultants also have the ability to deal with real business issues that clients encounter on a daily basis and find solutions for them. Their focus is being practical, making sure solutions are implemented correctly and is managed effectively in the long term. Maintaining a set of technical expertise within the IT industry, enables our consultants to act as outsourced CIO (Chief Information Officer), bridging the gap between the business and the technicians. Our CIO services is uniquely positioned to SME’s, focusing to create healthy information systems and assisting clients to design, implement and maintain them with their existing service providers.

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As independent business consultants, we regularly find clients with IT infrastructures that are strained and either requires a revamp or optimising to ensure that the service operates optimally and that expensive human resources are not wasted by inefficient systems.

We regularly conduct ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) assessments to establish the current state of the business IT environment. In conjunction with business, we identify the current state of the organisation, as well as the desired future state, be that growth in staff, or growth in services offered by the organisation. IPMG then works with the organisations existing service provider in order to build/optimise an appropriate solution for the organisation, enabling the organisation to work optimally and effectively and save costs in the long run by reducing non-income producing activities by employees.

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workpool2 accflow


 WorkPool is a Client Relationship Management Solution (CRM) developed to be implemented in any type of business and any vertical. WorkPool strives to unify all your people, technology and business processes into a single business nervous system, bringing transparency within the organisation, creating continuity and succession, increasing operational ability, reducing unnecessary business risk and improving service delivery. To know more about WorkPool as a solution for your business, click here.  AccFlow is a technology solution, designed to attend to all your invoicing, time and billing and financial reporting needs. It can be utilised as a stand alone solution, or integrated with our work flow solution (WorkPool) to provide you with real time invoicing for services rendered to your clients, ensuring no double invoicing, less writing off of fees and the ability to do monthly billing runs on time. To know more about how AccFlow can impact your business, click here.
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 LastPass securely remembers your passwords, so you don’t have to. LastPass Enterprise solves the password problem for teams, providing centralized, cost-effective password management and cloud SSO. To know more about LastPass as a solution for your business, click here.  Veriato 360 is a PC & internet monitoring solution, providing data security, cost control and productivity monitoring. To know more about Veriato as a solution for your business, click here.


At IPMG IT and Business Solutions, we continuously strive to empower our clients with information to ensure that they have the ability to make informed business decisions. We therefore offer regular online informational webinars on a host of topics that is specifically positioned to enable and inform you about business technology advances applicable to your industry and business requirements. For a host of online webinars, feel free to view our library below or visit our IPMG Solution YouTube channel.


IPMG IT and Business solutions was founded in 2004 and primarily operated in the “IT Services and Support for Business” sphere, offering clients assistance with their onsite computer requirements as well as supplying hardware and software.

In early 2009, IPMG secured distribution rights to the World’s Leading PC and Internet Monitoring Software for South Africa, called Spectorsoft. Since that time, IPMG IT and Business Solutions assisted multiple client, both corporate and SME’s to implement the software to drive improved employee performance and effective monitoring of day to day activities. The software has since been renamed to Veriato, which IPMG is still an authorised reseller of.

In 2010, IPMG became the first ever authorised reseller and implementation consultancy of WorkPool. With the securing of this reseller agreement, IPMG IT and Business Solutions started making the transition away from normal software and hardware support, to strategic business consulting and the implementation of the WorkPool solution.

Taking on additional business consultants since 2013 has allowed us to consolidate our primary focus as the successful implementation of technology solutions for clients, client relationship management and the building of an team of independent business consultants to empower our clients to make informed decisions.

In 2016, IPMG became the first ever distributor and reseller of AccFlow, a South African designed solution that provides clients with real time profitability, anywhere, anytime.