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Who are our clients, and how do we help them?


  • Good governance to ensure effective funding

  • Development and maintenance of organisational risk management plans

  • Independent oversight

  • Service provider due diligence

  • And more...


  • Systemise, integrate, optimise

  • Technology driven business improvement

  • Cross system dashboarding

  • Service provider due diligence

  • Financial management

  • And more...


  • Strategic advice in innovation

  • Risk and governance consulting

  • And more...

Private clients

  • Protection and mitigation against risk in your portfolio

  • We are the advisor to the advisors

  • And more...

IPMG areas of specialisation

Regardless of where you are in the lifecycle of your business, IPMG can assist you with:

  • Business improvement

  • Business optimisation

  • Governance, risk and compliance (GRC)

  • Independent oversight

  • Business intelligence reporting

  • Cross system dashboard reporting

  • Cross systems integration

  • Review of service provider agreements / service level agreements

  • Deployment, orientation and facilitation (training) on IT enabled systems

  • Technology driven GRC and strategy

  • Solution research and development

  • Outsourced CIO services (Chief Information Officer)

  • Independent ICT reviews (Information Communication Technology)

  • Systematization of business - systems, controls and processes

  • IT strategy, planning and project management

  • Security Solutions (Digital and Physical)

  • Accounting and tax solutions including financial management and secretarial services

  • Administrative back office to medical, financial, and insurance brokers

  • Review of Financial Services Value Propositions

  • Independent CFO services

Challenges faced by clients that we work to resolve

Lack of business process resulting in inefficiencies

Lack of insight into staff performance

No line of site into staff tasks

Siloed departments and communication breakdown

Lack of real time business reporting

Localisation of systems that are inaccessible out of the office

Unreliable systems causing business interruption

Poor delivery of service providers

Funding falling away due to poor governance practices

Lack of cashflow

Financial advisors under performing


Lack of business planning

Sound familiar?

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