IPMG for you

Because your business matters.

We are living in an increasingly digital world. As such, IT is becoming less about products and infrastructure, and more about services and support.

We know that there is no perfect system that can do everything for everyone. It's not what a system does on its own that is important, it’s what it can do with all your other systems too. It’s about using systems for their strengths, complementing each other, and only deploying it if it will improve your business needs.

We focus on the correct application of appropriate technologies because technology should be a business enabler, and not deployed for technology's sake.

We advise both strategically and operationally on the effective systematisation of your business, I&T strategy, good governance (which includes risk and compliance), as well as independent oversight services. We have a wealth of experience in consulting to NPOs, small and medium sized enterprises, as well as to corporate South Africa.

We are a team of people that are passionate about making a difference.

With this at the forefront of all our interactions, you can be assured of receiving our best service at all times.