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IPMG at a glance

Who is IPMG?

IPMG is first and foremost an independent consulting house.

As thought leaders in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we specialise in the optimisation of organisational and business performance, as well as the financial well-being and management there of. We consult to an ever evolving client base, and as such, have gained cross-industry experience.

At its core, IPMG is about people, relationships and value. We are a team of people that are passionate about making a difference to non profits, small and medium sized businesses, corporates, and private individuals.

What does IPMG do?

IPMG can assist you with business improvement and optimisation, and advise both strategically and operationally on the effective systematisation of your business.

We offer independent oversight, good governance (which includes risk and compliance) services, I&T strategy, business intelligence reporting, interactive dashboarding and reporting, and cross systems integration.

In addition, we offer accounting, income tax, bookkeeping, payroll, and secretarial services including general business consulting and financial management, through our panel of accounting professionals.

Our client services administrative centre (CSC) is the back office to our trusted team of consultants.

IPMG's background in organisational risk management allows our consultants to identify and manage risk, and coordinate activities to mitigate this accordingly. We have a wealth of experience in consulting to NPOs, small and medium sized enterprises, as well as to corporate South Africa.

How do I engage with you?


Our engagement process is a consultative methodology, which you can read more about here - https://icio.ipmg.co.za/engagement-model


Book a meeting with us by following this link: https://icfo.ipmg.co.za/contact

What are your fees?


To find out about our fees kindly follow this link: https://icio.ipmg.co.za/engagement-model/fees


A client's required services are scoped with the client according to their specific needs, making fees dependant on the outcome of the meeting.

Kindly view our packages and then please contact us for more information: https://icfo.ipmg.co.za/solutions

General questions

What does "let us meet you where you're at" mean?

We have developed a consultation methodology for engaging with clients, however, if that methodology doesn't fit with your current needs i.e. you are facing a single challenge or you need assistance with one specific thing, we can start there and focus on that, without necessarily diving too deep - we can meet you where you're at, where your business is right now.

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